I love to write, innovate and research. The 41 different publications listed here include individual, partnership, and team efforts, and range from policy commentary to peer-reviewed scientific publications.

General Publications

» J. Gehman and M-A. Sani "Antimicrobial Peptides: Agents of Public Health Australian Biochemist 42 13-16 (2012) [PDF]
» J. Gehman "Journal Publishing Impact" (Letter) Chemical & Engineering News 86(34) pp4-5 (2008)
» J.D. Gehman and F. Separovic; "From Biology to Physics" (Book Review) Australian Physics 44(1) p30 (2007)
» J. Gehman; "Graduate Students Unite?" (Article) Regulation 24(1) pp10-11 (2001) [PDF]
» C. Shogun and J. Gehman; "GESO: empty populist platitudes" (Guest Editorial) Yale Daily News (20 Apr. 2001) [PDF]

Journal Articles

Analytical Development
» M-A. Sani, D. Weber, F. Delaglio, F. Separovic, J.D. Gehman; "A practical implementation of de-Pake-ing via weighted Fourier transformation." PeerJ 1:e30; DOI:10.7717/peerj.30 (2013)
» M-A. Sani, F. Separovic, J.D. Gehman; "Disentanglement of heterogeneous dynamics in mixed lipid systems." Biophysical Journal (Letters) 100(8) L40-L42 (2011) [PDF]
» J.D. Gehman and J.L. Provis "Generalized biaxial shearing of MQMAS NMR spectra." Journal of Magnetic Resonance 200 167-172 (2009)
» J.D. Gehman, F. Separovic, K. Lu and A.K. Mehta; "Boltzmann statistics rotational-echo double-resonance analysis" Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111(27) 7802-7811 (2007)
» J.D. Gehman, E.K. Paulson EK, K.W. Zilm; "The influence of internuclear spatial distribution and instrument noise on the precision of distances determined by solid state NMR of isotopically enriched proteins." Journal of Biomolecular NMR 27 235-259 (2003)

Protein/Lipid Biophysics and Enzymology
» M-A. Sani, F. Separovic, J.D. Gehman; "The lipid network." Biophysical Reviews 4(4) 283-290 (2012)

» L. Collins*, A.L. Parker*, J.D. Gehman*, L. Eckley, M.A. Perugini, F. Separovic, and J.W. Fabre; "Self assembly of peptides into spherical nanoparticles for delivery of hydrophilic moieties to the cytosol." ACS Nano 4(5) 2856-2864 (2010)
» J.D. Gehman, M.J. Cocco, and N.D.F. Grindley; "Chemical shift mapping of γδ resolvase wild-type dimer and activated tetramer: mechanistic implications for DNA strand exchange" Biophysica et Biochimica Acta (proteins and proteomics) 1784 2086-2092 (2008)
» S.S. Carroll, J.L. Cole, T. Viscount, J. Geib, J. Gehman, and L.C. Kuo; "Activation of RNase-L by 2',5'-oligoadenylates - kinetic characterization." Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(31) 19193-19198 (1997)
» S.S. Carroll, E. Chen, T. Viscount, J. Geib, M.K. Sardana, J. Gehman, and L.C. Kuo; "Cleavage of oligoribonucleotides by the 2',5'-oligoadenylate-dependent ribonuclease L" Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(9) 4988-4992 (1996)
» J.L. Cole, J.D. Gehman, J.A. Shafer, L.C. Kuo; "Solution oligomerization of the rev protein of HIV-1: implications for function" Biochemistry 32(44) 11769-11775 (1993)

Alzheimer-β peptide
» D.K. Weber, M.-A. Sani, J.D. Gehman; "A routine method for cloning, expressing and purifying Aβ(1-42) for structural NMR studies" Amino Acids In Press (2014)
» A.K. Mehta, R.F. Rosen, W.S. Childers, J.D. Gehman, L.C. Walker, D.G. Lynn; "Context Dependence of Protein Misfolding and Structural Strains in Neurodegenerative Diseases" Biopolymers (Peptide Science) (in press) (2013)
» D.K. Weber, J.D. Gehman, F. Separovic, M-A. Sani; "Copper modulation of amyloid β42 interaction with model membranes." Australian Journal of Chemistry (in press) (2012)
» M-A. Sani, J.D. Gehman, F. Separovic; "Lipid matrix plays a role in Aβ fibril kinetics and morphology." FEBS letters 585 749-754 (2011)
» J.D. Gehman, C.C. O'Brien, F. Shabanpoor, J.D. Wade, and F. Separovic; "Metal effects on the membrane interactions of amyloid-β peptides" European. Biophysics Journal 37(3) 333-344 (2008)
» T.-L. Lau, J.D. Gehman, J.D. Wade, C.L. Masters, K.J. Barnham, and F. Separovic; "Cholesterol and Clioquinol modulation of Aβ(1-42) interaction with phospholipid bilayers and metals." Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (Biomembranes) 1768(12) 3135-3144 (2007)
» T.-L. Lau, J.D. Gehman, J.D. Wade, K. Perez, C.L. Masters, K.J. Barnham, and F. Separovic; "Membrane interactions and the effect of metal ions on the amyloidogenic fragment Aβ(25-35) in comparison to Aβ(1-42)." Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (Biomembranes) 1768(10) 2400-2408 (2007)

Antimicrobial Research
» M.-A. Sani, E. Gagne, J. Gehman, T. Whitwell, F. Separovic; "Dye-release assay for investigation of antimicrobial peptide activity in a competitive lipid environment." Euro. Biophys. J. 43(8-9) 445-450 (2014)
» M.-A. Sani, T. Whitwell, J.D. Gehman, R. Robins-Browne, n. Pantarat, T. Attard, E. Reynolds, N. O'Brien-Simpson, F. Separovic; "Maculatin 1.1 disrupts S. aureus lipid membranes via a pore mechanism." Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy in press (2013)
» D. Fernandez, M.-A. Sani, J.D. Gehman, K.-S. Hahm, F. Separovic; "Interactions of a synthetic Leu-Lys rich antimicrobial peptide with phospholipid bilayers." European Biophysics Journal 40 471-480 (2011)
» T-H Lee, C. Heng, M.J. Swann, J.D. Gehman, F. Separovic, and M-I Aguilar; "Real-time quantitative analysis of lipid disordering by aurein 1.2 during membrane adsorption, destabilisation and lysis." Biophysica et Biochimica Acta 1798 1977-1986 (2010)
» P.J. Sherman, R.J. Jackway, J.D. Gehman, S. Praporski, G.A. McCubbin, A. Mechler, L.L. Martin, F. Separovic and J.H. Bowie "The solution structure and membrane interactions of the antimicrobial peptide fallaxidin 4.1a: an NMR and QCM study." Biochemistry 48 11892-11901 (2009)
» D. Fernandez, J.D. Gehman, and F. Separovic; "Membrane interactions from Australian tree frogs" Biophysica et Biochimica Acta 1788 1630-1638 (2009)
» J.D. Gehman, F. Luc F, K. Hall K, T.-H. Lee, M.P. Boland, T. Pukala, J.H. Bowie, M.-I. Aguilar, and F Separovic; "Effect of antimicrobial peptides from Australian tree frogs on anionic phospholipid membranes." Biochemistry 47 8557-8565 (2008)
» S.S. Mahmoud, J.D. Gehman, K. Azzopardi, R.M. Robins-Browne, and F Separovic; "Liposomal phospholipid preparations of chloramphenicol for ophthalmic applications" Journal of Pharmaceutical Science 97(7) 2691-2701 (2008)
» T.L. Pukala, M.P. Boland, J.D. Gehman, L. Kuhn-Nentwig, F. Separovic and JH Bowie; "Solution structure and interaction of Cupiennin 1a, a spider venom peptide, with phospholipid bilayers" Biochemistry 46(11) 3576-3585 (2007)

» A. Tregubov, R. Linser K Vuong, A. Rawal J. Gehman, B. Messerle; "Solid-state NMR structure characterization of a 13CO-labelled Ir(I) complex with a P,N-donor ligand including ultra-fast MAS methods" Inorganic Chemistry in press (2014)
» S.A. Bernal, J.L. Provis, B. Walkley, R. San Nicolas, J.D. Gehman, D.G. Brice, A.R. Kilcullen, P. Duxson, J.S.J. van Deventer; "Gel nanostructure in alkali-activated binders based on slag and fly ash, and effects of accelerated carbonation" Cement and Concrete Research in press (2013)
» E.R. Rodriguez, S.A. Bernal, J.L Provis, J.D. Gehman, J.M. Monzó, J. Payá, M.V. Borrachero; "Geopolymers based on spent catalyst residue from a fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) process" Fuel 109 493-502 (2013)
» J.L. Provis, J.D. Gehman, C.E. White, and D.G. Vlachos; "Modeling silica nanoparticle dissolution in TPAOH-TEOS-H2O solutions" Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112(38) 14769-14775 (2008)
» P. Duxson, C.E. White, J.D. Gehman, J.L. Provis, F. Separovic, Z. Gan, J. van Deventer; "17O MQMAS NMR characterisation of geopolymers" Proceedings of the 35th Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference CHEMECA'07 1272-1273 (2007)


» J.D. Gehman, M.-A. Sani, F. Separovic; "Solid-state NMR of membrane-acting antimicrobial peptides" Biomedical Applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Advances in Biomedical Spectroscopy (A. Dingley, S. Pascal eds.) IOS Press Amsterdam 137-161 (2011)
» J.D. Gehman and F. Separovic; "Solid-State NMR of Amyloid Membrane Interactions" Methods in Molecular Biology: Protein Folding and Misfolding (A.F. Hill, K.J. Barnham, S. Bottomley, R. Cappai, eds.) The Humana Press Inc Totowa NJ USA (2011)
» J.D. Gehman and F. Separovic; "Solid-state NMR of membrane-active proteins and peptides." Modern Magnetic Resonance I. Applications in Chemistry, Biological, and Marine Sciences. (T. Asakura, H. Saito and I. Ando, eds.) pp301-307 Springer Verlag (2006)
» Gehman JD. "Theoretical macromolecular structure elucidation using solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance." PhD Thesis Yale University 361pp Proquest (order# 3084295) (2003)